When I started looking at getting my first mortgage way back in 1993, I walked from bank to bank on the high street, only to later find out there were others around the country that I’d never heard of. After reading the small print I realised there was more to it than just what they offered.

At this point, I was a firefighter, but studied the mortgage market on my days off. After 12 years in the service, I decided to live and buy a property in Spain with my wife and kids. We enjoyed our time there but soon missed family and friends.

That’s when I started working for an Estate Agent in 2005, where I trained to become a mortgage advisor and dealt with a ‘panel’ of lenders. 

In 2007 I decided to continue studying and took the full Certificate of Mortgage Advice and Practice (CeMap). When I obtained the full status I switched to becoming a self-employed  whole of market mortgage and protection broker, which means I have the flexibility of dealing with so many more lenders and an array of protection companies.

What will you get from me?

My phone is always with me, so you can call or email me any time for urgent help. Forget 9-5 office hours, I am much more flexible – 8am to 9pm seven days a week, minus the odd family outing.


I can help you get the most suitable/most appropriate’ rate for your specific needs. Usually, mortgage offers last from three to six months. This means people sit tight and wait for it to complete. However, I don’t stop there, I constantly monitor the market so if a lender offers a better rate, we can look at switching before you complete. This could potentially save you money. I also scrutinise the mortgage offer to ensure everything is in order and all the fees the lenders have added are actually worth the product being offered. Naturally my job would be to explain all the fees (if any) and make sure that they are correct, in order and worth it.

How do I get paid? 

I get something through my network which is not a hidden fee that you have to pay, it comes as a percentage of the mortgage amount. There may be additional fees due to the complexity and nature of the mortgage, but I will make sure you know and understand what all fees are for. There is no fee for an initial chat with me, so there's nothing to lose by making first contact.