Equity release plans can provide many benefits in retirement.


However, equity release is not suitable for everyone and you should

consider the alternatives first. For a full list of alternatives that should be

considered first, please contact us.


We also recommend you involve other family members as much

as possible. We will be happy to discuss our recommendations

with other members of your family so that the everyone understands

the benefits, features and any risks.


Equity release plans will affect the value of your estate. In some

cases, taking out an equity release plan may affect any State

Benefits you receive.


For these reasons, take advice from a specialist adviser first to

ensure that you do not end up regretting your choice.


We offer a full advice and recommendation

service. We offer a free of charge, no-obligation, initial consultation

with an independent specialist adviser so that you can find out how much

cash you could release and whether a plan would be suitable for

you. We will only charge a fee for our service if your equity release

plan competes and can be paid from the capital released to you.  Our fee

is £950